Great Salt Lake License Plate

Great Salt Lake License Plate, image of a crane over the salt lake and mountains in the background. The words Restore - Preserve - Protect across the bottom of the license.

Introducing the Special Great Salt Lake License Plate - Show Your Support for Preserving Utah's Natural Wonder!

Calling all nature enthusiasts, conservationists, and proud Utah residents! Here's your chance to make a tangible difference and showcase your love for the majestic Great Salt Lake. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Special Great Salt Lake License Plate—a unique opportunity for you to support the preservation and restoration of this incredible natural treasure.

By signing up and applying for the Special Great Salt Lake License Plate, you become an advocate for the ecological health and vitality of one of Utah's most iconic landmarks. The Great Salt Lake holds immense ecological importance, serving as a vital habitat for countless bird species and supporting a delicate balance of ecosystems. Don't miss out on this chance to make a lasting impact. Apply for your Special Great Salt Lake License Plate today and be part of a movement that supports the ongoing conservation efforts for this irreplaceable natural gem.

The first step is for 500 people to apply for a plate. We would love to start seeing these plates on cars as soon as this fall… so sign up now, share this with your friends and family, and join your fellow lake supporters! Together, we can ensure that the Great Salt Lake continues to inspire, educate, and captivate for years to come.

S.B. 92





Through the creation of this bill, people are able to purchase a special license plate to not only show their support for the preservation of the Great Salt Lake but also contribute to a fund managed by the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands which will be used to benefit and conserve the Great Salt Lake watershed and ecosystem.

Image of Democratic Senate Chief Sponsor of Bill 92, Jen Plumb. Image of Republican House CoSponsor of Bill 92, Paul Cutler.

How to get your own GSL plate:


Fill out Application

Fill out the application below,
sign it, and send it to us via email at
OR mail application to
GSL Preservation Plate,
PO Box 58303,
SLC, UT 84158


Pay $46 Fee

Pay the fee of $46 via Venmo to:
OR mail checks to
GSL Preservation Plate,
PO Box 58303,
SLC, UT 84158

Image of Venmo account @greatsaltlakeplate used to pay $46 for Great State License Plate.


Wait for your plate

After your application and fees are submitted, they will be sent to the DMV for processing. Once 500 people have signed up, the DMV will start mailing out the plates.